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Diablo 2 LOD Utilities Page


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Here is the best tool known to man... the D2 mh...

Note: We did not create this maphack, please do not send us ideas for improvements or ways to make the maphack better.  We are just making this accessable to whoever wants it.  Contact the creator of the maphack with improvements.
Warning: You will become completely dependant on this program.  You will never play D2 or D2 LOD ever again without it.  This changes the way you see the game. It won't seem like a big difference at first, but after two weeks, we dare you to try and play and hour without it. Now if you still want it...

Download the maphack here (Ver. 1.10)

Maphack Instruction Manual
Please check here first if you have any questions, we don't need whipsers or e-mails for questions already answered.  If there is something unclear, then you make e-mail or whisper or IM... or skype.

How To Run:

1. Extract all from to any folder. (Only needs to be done once)
2. Run Diablo II or Diablo II Lord of Destruction.
3. Alt + Tab out of Diablo II or Diablo II LOD.
4. Open the D2Maphack.exe file.
5. Click Install/Update.
6. Alt + Tab back to Diablo II or Diablo II LOD and play.

Basic Buttons:

Button Location
Button Fuction
Number Pad
Displays minimap for the entire Act, this button needs to be pushed once per act per game.
Number Pad
Toggles sunny weather/light radius.
Number Pad
Toggles show monsters on minimap.
Number Pad
Toggles show/hide hidden items. (Hidden items are all normal, cracked, crude and normal magic items. All rares, uniques, sets, exceptionals and elite items are displayed when hide hidden items is toggled)
Keyboard (Not Number Pad)
Shows items of other characters in the game when mouse overed.
Keyboard (Not Number Pad)
Toggles out of town select, when this is off you cannot view other peoples items unless you are in town.
Keyboard (Not Number Pad)
Displays prices of items.
Toggles view socketables on/off.
Hotkey for save game and exit.
Toggles the immunities and abilities display of monsters on the minimap on or off.


Symbol Meaning


Armor Shrine at the symbol's location.


Attack Shrine at the symbol's location.


A Charm is on the ground at the symbol's location.


Experience Shrine at the symbol's location.


Exploding Shrine at the symbol's location.


Fire Shrine at the symbol's location.


A Gem is on the ground at the symbol's location.  (Only shows blob for chipped, flawless and percect gems.  Normal and flawed gems are considered hidden items and can only be seen when the show hidden items is toggled.  If show hidden items is toggled, a blob will still not appear when a normal or flawed gem drops, but they will be seen by the naked eye.)  This same blob indicates the location of Act bosses, such as Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal.


Gem Shrine at the symbol's location.


Healing Shrine at the symbol's location.


A High Rune is on the ground at the symbol's location. (By program default, a high rune is from Sol [12] to Zod.  This means that anything from El to Amn will not be shown with the blob, however, they are not hidden items and can be seen by the naked eye at all times.)


A Jewel is on the ground at the symbol's location.


Mana Regeneration Shrine at the symbol's location.


Mana Shrine at the symbol's location.


Poison Shrine at the symbol's location.


Portal Shrine at the symbol's location.


A Rare Item is on the ground at the symbol's location.


Rejuvination Shrine at the symbol's location.


Resist Cold Shrine at the symbol's location.


Resist Fire Shrine at the symbol's location.


Resist Lightning Shrine at the symbol's location.


Resist Poison Shrine at the symbol's location.


A Set Item is on the ground at the symbol's location.


Skill Shrine at the symbol's location.


Stamina Shrine at the symbol's location.


A Unique Item is on the ground at the symbol's location.


Unknown Shrine at the symbol's location.  This is displayed when the maphack detects a shrine, but you are not close enough to it for the maphack to detect which type of shrine it is.  As you approach the shrine, the symbol will change to the appropriate one for the type of shrine it is.


Waypoint at the symbol's location.


A Champion or Leader with Minions at the symbol's location.


A Normal Monster at the symbol's location.


A Chest at the symbol's location.


An Exceptional Socketed or Exceptional Ethereal Item at the symbol's location.

Visual Enhancements:

Visual Effect


Text of all Jewels and Charms with the exceptions of the Annihilus Small Charm, Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm and Rainbow Facet Jewel are purple.  This easily gives you the edge to see if and get to it first.



Text of all rejuvination potions and full rejuvination potions appear red to help you see them easily.
Also, chipped, flawless and perfect gems will appear in red text also.  However, flawed and normal gems defined as hidden items.  If show hidden items is toggled, these gems will still appear in normal text.


Text of all high runes appears a pale yellow color.  This also help you identify and get to them quicker.  Also, the number of the rune according to the rune tree is displayed next to the rune name.


Your total Chance of Finding Better Magic Items (MF) percentage is calculated and displayed in your character screen under your energy attribute.


When the minimap is displayed, under the game information to the top right of the screen, two timers are displayed.  The first timer, times how long you have been in the current game, ideal for people who transfer their own items.  The second timer is a clock, which displays the time in military time.  For example, 15:13:48 would be 3:13 PM


The time consuming job of searching for the true tomb when rushing people is now over.  The maphack distinctly shows you where the true tomb is.  When you are standing in The Canyon of the Magi, simply hold the arrow keys to move the minimap toward the tombs. The true tomb has small green text next to it that says "<- This".



The maphack will give you a general idea of every mosters immunitites and abilities.  This information can be found above the mosters blobs on the minimap. Here are the meanings of the symbols you may see above the moster blobs on the minimap.
 !  - Poison Immune
 !  - Lightning Immune
  - Fire Immune
  - Cold Immune
 !  - Magic Immune
 ?  - Physical Immune
 m  - Magic Resistant
 C  - Cursed
 L  - Lightning Enchanted
 Hf  - Holy Fire
 Hf  - Holy Freeze
 Hs  - Holy Shock
 T  - Teleport
 S  - Extra Strong
 F  - Extra Fast
 Ms  - Multiple Shot
 s  - Stone Skin


The number of sockets in socketed items is displayed next to the item name.  This way you know how many sockets are in an item before you even touch it.


Ethereal items are identified by the maphack with an E in parentheses next to the item name.

Customizable Attributes:

Chicken Life
     Chicken life is a utility that you have to set yourself in this program.  To set chicken life, hit the Edit Config button on the maphack loader.  When the Config notepad is open, press Page Down three times to get to the chicken life information which will be at the top of the page.  Adjust the value next to the "Chicken Life" which is defaultly set at zero.  Whenever your health reaches or goes below this number, you will automatically be kicked from the game to prevent you from dying.  "Chicken Hostile Life" is chicken life for duels.  This is good to set higher then your normal Chicken Life.  "Chicken Hostile Nearby Life" is dueling Chicken Life, if any hostile comes near you and you are at or below your value, you will be booted.


Good Gold
     With the maphack, you can set gold that is above a certain amount to appear gold.  By maphack default, any value of gold over 5,000 appears in gold text.  This helps you notice large quantities of gold easier.  To change the value of good gold, open the Edit Config, then hit Page Down five times.  Near the top of the screen you will see "Good Gold" and the number 5000 next to it.  Simply delete that number and enter your value.